Pacaya is an active volcano within easy reach of Antigua and Guatemala City. It is known as the easier volcano hike in the Antigua area and is a great afternoon or morning trip. I clocked it at 5km with 350m of elevation gain, and it took us around 2 hours including posing for photos and a fair amount of goofing around.


It is possible to go to the summit, but most tours take you to a ‘mini summit’ with 360 views of the surrounding area and of the Pacaya summit/cone, and into the lava fields and back down. We booked through our hotel and so were driven to the national park and then given a tour guide to escort us to the lava fields. Quite hilariously, a group of porters on horses follow groups up, in case you decide you’d rather not anymore, and want to be carried up.

Starting the hike
Reaching the ‘mini summit’
Family selfie in the lava fields

The terrain turns extra-terrestrial as you descend into the lava fields. The guide brought out of a bag of marshmallows, found a small hole in the ground and put a marshmallow a few cm down. Out it came, lovely and toasted – cool!


The sun set as we descended and we had a pretty awesome view from above the clouds.