Ah and back to road runs. My first time running the Abbey Dash (but it is pretty much the same course as the Leeds 10k). It was nice to see a bit of mud to stand in as we were waiting in the weird car park holding area.. MUD!

It’s a popular course due to the flat, fast pace. Don’t be fooled though, when the (few) hills appear, they take you by surprise and are killers! Especially on the last km back into town. It was pretty busy (apparently there were 12,000 runners)- but I pushed on to break free of the mass and it wasn’t too bad after that. Certainly better than the Leeds 10k, where I was dodging walkers before the 1k mark, despite being stood in the sub 50mins section.


As I’ve been mainly running longer distances for the likes of Tough Mudder runs, and focusing on strength training, I’ve neglected speed work. So I decided I would be happy with matching my Leeds 10k time (48.38, back in July). My chip time came through and in fact I managed to chip a minute off, getting 47.33. So I was happy, kinda.


I want sub 45 next time…

Most importantly though.. PBs all round in our team! Woop woop!


and now for BURGERS. SO HUNGRY by the time we got down to Meat Liquor for our FREE burgers! (They were offering free burgers to Abbey Dash t-shirt holders).


Ah I love running (read: I love burgers).